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SUBJECT - Diares Of A Overworked, Overhyped Teen

Apr. 10th, 2008 02:21 pm SUBJECT

Well the cohabitation thing didn’t pan out. Christia is able to make alternative arrangements. We are also no longer dating but it wasn’t a "SCREW YOU" type deal. Very peaceful and amicable and I’d love to think we could still be friends.

My apartment now has it’s sauna. The shower is leaking hot water and the landlord has already tried (unsucessfully) to fix it. Good thing water is included here or i’d be in for it! I now have to keep my bathroom door opened alot otherwise if it’s closed for too long it becomes a steam room when you walk in.

Got some work lined up and it looks like all these problems I have had since Aug will be over and done with by May. Although I have been saying that every month. I have three families who all want me, unfortunatley I know I won’t have room for one of them and I know who that one is which is a shame. (Two out of the three families can read this and the two who can are safe).

I am loving this warm weather. I have been getting nice and tan and going to the pool everyday (mostly at the insistence of the 6 year old who I care for ..noons).

Right now it’s anything goes for the weekend. I may or may not be working Sunday. Tim has invited me to go up with him and the boys for a day in Gainesville on Saturday. It’s his college reunion and some football event is going on.

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