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Big Week - Diares Of A Overworked, Overhyped Teen

Apr. 7th, 2008 01:27 am Big Week

Due to complicated reasons, all old entries are now private. So this is like a new start.

Well this week was definatley jammed packed.

Sandi’s friend Michelle was in town with her girls and I had dinner with them at the house Monday night. After the kids went to bed, we had some fun discussing relationship drama, taking weird pictures with toothbrushes and watching "Drowning Mona". Hadn’t had that many laughes in a while actually.

Wednesday I helped someone move. Hadn’t done that in a while and it was quite a workout. Just the two of us with some help from a neighbor for a bit and her son. Two stories. I ached and ached but it felt good. Cooled off in the pool afterwards before going off to Sandi’s. I got some work from her this week while she and Michelle went clubbing.

Then Thursday which was...just wow.

I went to the DR who told me I am good to go and no more pills (YAY!). I was all set to pay my landlord rent money, but he was sleeping. Did I leave the money in his mailbox or another safe place until he woke up? Nope. I kept it with me and took it on the road later that day. A choice I regretted when I realized I lost a 50 dollar bill! One that Sandi has given to me as an advance. I was REALLY REALLY pissed that I had done something so stupid especially since I barely had the rent money together.

So then the non-stop traveling began. I went to Orlando to pick up Briefly. Her family was on a college roadtrip and was stopping at UCF. I had never seen the campus before so I looked around. It was nice, and I ate at Wackadoos (which I thought was exclusive to FAU..go figure).
We drove back to New Port Richey but were on the road again to Gainesville that night. We went to a place to see our friend Callari. I can’t go into much more detail because of some people who read this, let’s just say....yeah, it was something. We went back to Ocala and hung out with Callari, the spouse and the pets for a bit.

By then I was killer tired (only getting some sleep the day before after moving the furniture), and drove back to New Port Richey (with a brief stop in Lake Panasoffkee to drop off Tim’s mail).

Briefly and I watched some Sabrina reruns, tried to sleep but couldn’t. We went to the mall to get her a shirt before going to Sarasota to see her friends Beca and Denise. I then went to Oldsmar (so much traveling) to watch Sandi and Michelle’s kids again. That morning I went to Austin’s flag football game. Trish tried to get me to take Austin to the picnic afterwards and possibly watch him that night, but I still had to pick Jessica up from Sarasota and drop her back with her family. I also had a babysitting job in Tarpon pending. I got a great tan though.

I picked up Jessica, we drove to Bartow to meet up with her family. My job in Tarpon fell through for the night and Trish said she didn’t need me either. So I drove to Ocala to see Jesse (who was in town) for a bit. We saw "21" which was awesome. Then I finally came back home after NONSTOP TRAVELING.

I collapsed and took it easy today. Then I got word from Christia this morning that she needs a place to stay and asked me. I said "yes" and wound up chilling with her and some others tonight.

So that was the interesting and BUSY BUSY week. Judging by stuff I have found up, the coming week’ll be something as well. Cohabitation should be interesting...

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