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Christmas and all that jazz... - Diares Of A Overworked, Overhyped Teen

Dec. 25th, 2005 04:27 pm Christmas and all that jazz...

Well I am back in South Florida now. I stayed in New Port Richey an extra few days. Everytime I was thinking "I'll go home tommorow", Tim and the boys invited me to stay an extra day. I was glad I had some time up there though. I did alot of Christmasy stuff. I helped Tim play Santa and we wrapped alot of gifts and did alot of Christmas shopping.

The boys gave me some nice stuff, homemade which made it extra cool. I gave Tim a "Stewie" magnent as a joke. He finally watched "Family Guy" out of curiousity and I haven't stopped teasing him since because of his old rants against it. He found himself to be a fan of Stewie.

Tim, the boys and I all went out to a park to play football. Joseph bought a pump for the ball and got it real hard. Big mistake. I caught the football when Tim tossed it to me and it was so hard that my hands are still smarting. Really hurts. I didn't get the worst of it though. Joseph pulled two "Marcia Brady's" right in the face. OUCH!

I would've stayed longer but it was Christmas Eve and Tim's family was coming in and I had to get back down to mine. Sadly, it is still looking like my original plans of going to NPR next year aren't looking good. The door was left slightly open though. I could only hope...

Making a drive across the state on Christmas Eve may sound like a stupid idea, but the traffic was clear. The driving was actually clearer than it is on most of the trips I make! I made in home alot earlier than I expected. I stopped by Coral Square Mall to tie up some loose ends and see Ashley. The mall was crowded and parking was crazy. I was glad to finally get back to Dad's house.

Saw "White Christmas" on TV. Still one of my favorite Christmas movies!

JT is home so we chilled and Sara was by. Eventually Jesse and Summer came and we all opened gifts. I had a pretty good haul this year. Alot of the stuff I asked for. I am wearing a new Beatles shirt that Dad and Mindy got me right now. It has that nice "new shirt smell". Sara got her iPod nano that she wanted. It sucks that she couldn't get her first choice though (Religious Education) but oh well. We went to Midnight Mass which is the only time of year I really go to church. It was alright.

Anyway, now it's Christmas and I got up a few hours ago (we always stay up late Christmas Eve) and watched some of my new DVD's. Now it is time to join the land of living. Happy Christmas!

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Date:December 29th, 2005 05:52 am (UTC)
you have a sexifed voice
kthnx XP