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My Last Night... - Diares Of A Overworked, Overhyped Teen

Dec. 15th, 2005 01:26 am My Last Night...

I wish! Eleven days ago I thought this was going to be my last night in South Florida before I moved to New Port Richey. Unfortunatley plans have changed and despite my hopes and wishes, the x-factors that have changed my plans are still in effect. I will be going on a roadtrip tommorow which will last until sometime around Christmas. I will be going to the West Coast (and hopefully salvage my plans), I will try and make it to Orlando to see some old friends and maybe even visit the Albrittons down in Port Saint Lucie.

Last day of school today. Got over 100$ from reselling my books. I was surprised because everyone else got less than 20.

Sara and Francisco broke up which sucks.

Can we please have some good news for once?

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