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Life sucking lately - Diares Of A Overworked, Overhyped Teen

Dec. 9th, 2005 09:19 am Life sucking lately

I was pretty vague in my last entry so now I will elaborate. I got an e-mail on Sunday which contained information that changed alot of my plans. Now my plans to move to NPR are halted as well as my future plans for residence, money, employment and most of all school. I was ahead of the ball and had my classes. Now I have to start from scratch less than a month before school begins. AGAIN! I did this last semester! I DO THIS EVERY SEMESTER! IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE DIFFERENT! Now I will be forced to wait until the last minute again! It's not fair, I had a schedule and good classes. To top it off, I was really looking foward to moving. All this information reached me 11 days before I was planning on moving.

So I am hoping for a miracle, but I am also trying to face reality. This sucks, especially during the holiday season. I'm telling you all now, if I was ever in need of a holiday miracle, it's this year. Otherwise I'm depressed.

Around fall, I came to the conclusion that 2005 has been a bad year for me in general and I grew to resent. As the year has been winding down, and I made alternative plans, I kinda felt better and thought I was maybe overeacting. Now I am back to my original mindset.

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Current Music: Living On Borrowed Time by John Lennon

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